Are Nail Salon Fumes Bad For Babies

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It is not easy to change a woman’s lifestyle and not even by telling her that something she likes and that makes her look great has an effect on her baby. Women prefer to retain their lifestyle and fashion spree during and even after pregnancy. There are so many exaggerations and misconceptions related to the upbringing of a baby. However, babies are very fragile and would be affected easily if over-exposed to a variety of externalities. One of the hottest debates has been whether or not nail salon fumes are bad for babies. Before we discuss the effects of nail salon fumes on babies and whether they are good or bad, it is important to ask ourselves if those perfumes are good for anyone. The essence of this article is to discuss why it would be unrealistic to blindly rule out that nail salon fumes are bad for babies.

Babies react differently to different concentration levels

Nail salon fumes contain chemicals that have a strong odor and that can be harmful to people if overexposed. Nail salon fumes are harmful to almost 20% of the entire population and especially those people who have strong allergies. However, even those who have strong allergies to nail salon fumes and related chemicals do their nails and only avoid being overexposed to those fumes. This is the same case for babies; some babies might react easily to nail salon fumes if they have strong allergies while others might not react at all. A baby who has no allergies or related complications will not easily be affected by nail shop fumes. To answer the question of whether or not nail shop fumes are bad for babies, one should first specify what level of concentration is that baby been exposed to.

The conditions matter as well

Everyone can be affected by a high concentration of nail salon fumes and this applies even to babies. To deal with the concern, nail shop fumes are never that concentrated unless the room is poorly ventilated. The concentration levels in certified products are within the acceptable standards and cannot be harmful to babies. Those fumes are easily swept away in a well-ventilated room and the low concentration levels available are not a threat to a healthy baby. Those fumes mostly are harmful to babies who have historical complications or genetic issues that may warrant for reactions. Besides, it is also important to consider the period of exposure that the baby will be exposed to certain levels of unsafe concentration. A baby’s immune system can withstand certain conditions for a while. Also, it does not mean that every odor that a baby is exposed to in bad for their health.

Many nail salon products are harmless

There are different types of nail salon fumes depending on the product, the manufacturer, and the use of the product. Each nail salon product also has different concentrations of certain harmful chemicals. Those products with a high concentration of harmful chemicals re harmful to the public and not to babies alone. Those chemicals that are bad to adults are bad to babies and they can easily be identified. On the other hand, there are nail shop products that are safe to the public although they might have a strong smell that might be considered to be harmful. Most of the nail shop products that are used are safe to the public and has gone through a certain verification process to ascertain set standards. This then means that those products that are used in nail shops are safe and do not pose a huge threat to the public irrespective of age.

Babies immune system can protect them

It would be unreasonable to rule out that nail shop fumes are entirely safe for babies. As indicated earlier it is not possible to expose a baby to certain levels of nail shop fumes and expect them not to react negatively. This is the case with adults, which can affect a baby can equally affect a worker in a nail shop. Some nail shop fumes are very toxic and irritating to the nose, this effect is felt across the board and everyone can ascertain whether a particular fume is toxic or not. That way one will be able to protect their baby from such threats. A baby can adapt the same way a worker in a nail shop does depend on individual adaptability factors. If all considerable factors are taken into consideration, then a baby will not have any problem adapting to nail salon fumes.

Cleanliness is key

When we talk of nail shop fumes, in this case, we are referring to fresh fumes and not accumulated fumes. Accumulated fumes are fumes from towels or any other prop that is used in a nail shop. These fumes are highly toxic considering that they have been contaminated with several other chemicals whose resultant reaction can lead to toxic fumes. Fresh fumes are fumes that have just emanated from a freshly opened nail shop product. These fumes are not harmful and quickly diffuse away without causing any damages. This takes us to the level of cleanliness of a nail shop and if the fumes are cumulative of fresh. Even the expiry of a product is very important to consider before ruling out whether a nail shop fume is likely to be bad or not to a child. Visiting a clean nail shop is also very important.

No research has been conducted on this subject

No research has been done to rule out that nail shop fumes are bad for babies but what people have done is to generalize that all fumes are bad for babies. This is unscientific and unrealistic considering that baby products are manufactured with chemicals and a number of them have an odor. This does not mean that babies who use baby products with fumes are affected but only a few that fail to adapt. There are baby products that do not have fumes but still are considered to be bad for babies and generally they affect babies. Many of the products that produce harmful fumes are not allowed to the market because of health-related issues to the public. The idea that nail salon fumes are bad for children cannot be supported by any empirical research.


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