How To Stop Biting Your Nails

how to stop nail biting


Close to half of all teens and kids bite their nails. Many of them do not grow out of it. Many of the adults who indulge in biting their nails might have done it while they were young and never stopped. The habit might have been the fault of their parents. It has not been scientifically proven if the practice is genetic, but children whose parents bite nails are likely to eat theirs. The habit of nail-biting starts in childhood and persists up to the time an individual is an adult. The side effects of nail-biting are far much than just beauty. Recurring nail-biting can make the skin around one’s nails to be sore. It also results in damages tissues that enhance the growth of nails, thus odd-looking nails. It can also be a sign of mental or emotional stress and is a way of coping with stress. The paper discusses tips on how to stop biting nails.

Discover your triggers

Before curbing the nail-biting behavior, one needs to define the cause of the practice. Many reasons are associated with nail-biting. Outstanding triggers comprise of ignoring one’s feelings or anger about some issues or ruminating on a difficulty. The main way of stopping this habit is to know what is driving you to bite your nails and taking appropriate action on it. Once you recognize your trigger, you can move forward and try traditional remedies such as chewing gum, wearing gloves, or embracing acrylic nails. However, unless one gets to the root of his or her behavior, it is hard to kick out the habit forever. On should keep mental notes or journals of occurrences that take place when he or she bites the nails for him or her to understand better the triggers of the habit. It should entail questions such as, is it during conventions or stressful moments.

Get habitual manicures

Individuals who incur expenses to get manicures do not bite their nails as those who do not pay. Habitual manicures will reduce the habit because every time one will think of eating a nail, the effort, and money invested in their making look good will ring in mind. The habit can be kept at bay, specifically by the financial aspect. Using the money to make the nails look good on a manicure, a person may take good care of his or her investment. Additionally, by maintaining recurrent manicures, a technician can ensure that the nails are short, and this makes it hard for the victim to bite the nails. On the other hand, one can stop eating the nails due to the recurrent manicures because they do not give room for the nails to develop beyond a limit that can trigger the individual to biting them.

Being mindful

Being mindful helps an individual to fight off the urge of nipping the nails. Being present and also keeping an eye on everything that is by you increases awareness of nail-biting. Individuals who bite their nails ought to think of all aspects of the habit, the pain in one’s hands, the way it tastes as well as the rubberiness of the person’s skin, which does not feel good. Pausing for a moment to think what biting is can enable one to comprehend that biting nails is never beneficial. Several people bite their nails as a reaction to stress as well as other triggers, and for that reason, a person’s mind has learned that biting nails makes the stress go away and make them feel better. The moment an individual’s brain recognizes this, the nail-biting behavior becomes. Once an individual’s brain realizes this, the habit becomes simple to mend.

Make use of the phone to your advantage

Individuals who suffer from nail biting ought to embrace the use of apps such as streaks, which play a role in calculating the number of consecutive days, one avoids biting the nails. This aids in racking up consecutive days of accomplishment for him or her to work hard and maintaining momentum as the practice will deliberately stop the habits. This is because the app enables the individual to perfectly stick to his or her goal for a specified period. On the other hand, individuals can embrace habits such as Habit Aware. Habit Aware bracelet is similar to a fitness tracker. It encompasses the use of motion sensors that detect the wearer’s behavior after some training with a combination of a mobile app. The gadget senses one’s hand taking part in the unwanted conduct and vibrates to remind him or her of what is being done to give you an opportunity of stopping.

Visualize dream nails and reward the progress

When one wants to stop biting his or her nails, keeping watch on the best fingertips can be essential in easing the whole process. One can put beautiful nails on the mirror of your bathroom, on your phone, or in your car. This serves as a reminder to the individual of what his or her nails will be like in case you stop biting them. A glance at the dream nails motivates one to maintain his. One should not stay on disappointments. When it gets to accomplish goals such as refraining from the nail-biting habit, one needs to celebrate his successes along the way. He or she ought to start thinking as a tennis or football pro. When one finds himself biting the nails, he or she should not dwell, but instead, he or she should correct and keep on trying. In case you have succeeded in stopping, earn a reward for yourself.

           One should do the contrary to his or her urge. In case the call comes again, one should tend the fingernails and not eating them. Whenever one finds himself or herself biting the nails, he or she should take time adding some lotion on the hands or painting them. This helps in taking away the bad act and replacing it with a nurturing one. Lastly, biting nails can be stopped by embracing the use of apps such as streaks, which play a role in calculating the number of consecutive days one avoids biting the fingernails.




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